Student Portfolio

Utilization of information technology in an organization has been widely implemented in order to improve the quality and performance of its work function. An information technology solution that can be implemented well can also provide a great opportunity for any organization to accelerate work processes and mechanisms, so that it can run more effectively and efficiently.

Currently, a College already has an information technology solution that is used as a information center. However, the utilization of these solutions is considered less than the maximum because there is some information that does not meet the needs.

n accordance with the purpose of PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM (PMIS) the development of this application is to build a university portfolio information center based on complete information technology. So in accordance with the proposed, PMIS Application needs to be equipped with some information that can be utilized by all elements of a College such as:

  1. Portfolio Pages
  2. Files and Documents
  3. Password and Privacy
  4. Manage Sections
  5. Education and Certifications
  6. Photos and Videos
  7. Request endorsements
  8. Journal / Blog
  9. Goals / Skills / Interests