AI Platform Solutions

In this new digital world, everything is moving fastly and require us to serve faster and adapt to customer needs. Which is why Quad create various digital solutions to cater for these needs and help you as our clients adapting to changes.

Alpha 3D+ Engine

Created from our team of engineers, this is a platform to do 3 dimensional geospatial analysis and giving you a more holistic view in form of 3D image fitting for area planning. Some of the features includes :

  • Viewing geospatial data in the form of 3D
  • Map viewing in form of video
  • 3 Dimensional detailed mapping
  • Showing map area in a realistic view

Alpha Chatbot AI Engine

Derived from our multiyear of engineer experiences, our chatbot solutions can interact with you easily as if you are talking to a real person, some of the features are :

  • AI based chatbot
  • Supported omni channel and multi agent
  • Supported NLP Engine and machine learning engine
  • Easy to use and integrate with CDN , API
  • User friendly GUI backend platform to add glossary
  • Supported with webchat and livechat

Alpha Data Studio Platform

Alpha Studio is easy to use big data platform tools to store and process your data using our machine learning and AI platform, some of the features are :

  • Distributed Processing
  • Wide scale scalability
  • Multiple data support including text and structured data
  • Easily integrate with existing data platform
  • Data visualization