Adobe Advertising Cloud

Adobe Advertising Cloud is a breakthrough of the first end-to-end platform in the advertising industry created to manage ads, both TV and digital ads. This makes it easy for you to display videos, images and search ads across all advertising media in any format. With this platform, you can identify and use relevant and relevant ads. Now, all your media planning and purchases are integrated into one programmable solution.

Adobe Advertising Cloud has many great features that can help you in increasing your success rate including:

Cross-Channel, End-to-End

It is a feature to unify creatives, data and media seamlessly across all screens and formats – including TV, search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. and media sosia like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Audience at the Core

Is a useful feature in identifying and targeting highly valued, highly valuable segments of viewers on a large scale.

Brand Safety and High Performance

This is a special feature that works to improve your desired results without sacrificing brand safety and media quality as we provide full transparency.

Data-Driven Creative

This feature makes it easy for you to create the most relevant ads using data insights that reveal your customers’ interests and behaviors in the past.

In addition Adobe Advertising Cloud has many advantages that can help you overcome marketing challenges today. We strongly encourage you to trust it all to Adobe Advertising Cloud where we have solutions to help you get more significant results by using our flagship products such as Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Media Optimizer, Adobe Target, Adobe Sensei and Adobe Campaign where they put together and integrate each other in one container that is Adobe Experience Cloud.

The benefits you gain when using Adobe Advertising Cloud are as follows:

  • Get more customers faster
  • Submit dynamic ad content
  • Activate and develop your audience
  • Encourage campaigns across all channel media
  • Guide each customer’s journey
  • Provide relevant and timely experience

Then what can you do with Adobe Advertising Cloud ..

  1. Get the most out of the search.
    Adobe Media Optimizer Search lets you simulate and act quickly on the best and most profitable option in your search marketing strategy.

  1. Manage your ads with our demand side platform.
    Adobe Media Optimizer DSP gives you a platform to plan, implement, optimize, and measure advertising campaigns from TV and mobile to show and social.

  1. Create the most engaging ads with dynamic creative optimization.
    Adobe Media Optimizer DCO allows you to deliver personalized ads to your audience in real-time.