BSS of The Future

Sterlite Technologies Limited 

designs, builds and manages smarter data networks for telecoms globally. Sterlite Tech is a pure-play telecom focused business that develops & delivers optical communication products, system integration services and OSS/BSS software solutions.

Sterlite Tech is among the leaders in all its business areas and has operations on a global scale with manufacturing presence in India, China and Brazil. Sterlite Tech aims to transform everyday living by delivering smarter networks. Sterlite Tech is India’s only fully integrated provider of optical fibre preforms, optical fibres and cables.

A telecom software division of Sterlite Technologies, is a global provider of BSS, Packet-core and Carrier Wi-Fi solutions. Adhering to TM Forum and 3GPP standard, the solution addresses CSPs requirement of faster time to market and reduced TCO fulfilling operator monetization needs across all IP networks. It has over 175 network deployments for 59 Service providers in more than 40 countries and is serving 13 of the world’s top 30 operators.

Sterlite Tech offering includes but not limited to :


The next-gen platform automates business and operational processes, digitizes telco products and services, enables paperless customer acquisition and creates monetization opportunities from data-driven insights, ensuring superior customer experience. By decoupling system of engagement from system of records and integrating system of intelligence it creates a future ready platform, while ensuring process agility, subscriber scalability and reduced operations costs and costs of ownership.

System of Record being the backbone of the platform, it offers interface that automates and simplifies key processes by rationalizing different components within Sterlite’s O/BSS Platform. The platform is based on key principles such as DevOPS based continuous delivery for faster time-to-market, Supports REST & Open API that ensures seamless integration with existing and future technologies, is hyper scalable to address 100Mn+ subscribers on a single platform, offers open source container (Docker) NFV adoption that will eliminate cost of OS & Hypervisor and also offer Performance improvement in hardware consumption.

System of Engagement is all about giving consumers control on how they interact across customer touch points i.e. Mobile, IVR, Call Centre, Store, Chatbots, Social Media, OTT Apps etc. to offer unified user experience across all channels (Omni-channel) with Sterlite Digital Commerce & Customer Management Platform (DCCM). It helps operators to digitize their products and services through e-commerce portal, which is available 24*7*365 days. It also digitizes customer life cycle management from Customer Onboarding to Digital Care. It also Supports B2B commerce on the same platform by offering complete functionality such as digital partner enablement and partner management i.e. Pre-configured B2B channels with account pricing, procurement process, customized product catalogue, user roles, account management, volume purchasing, enterprise class reporting etc.

System of Intelligence delivers measurable and competitive differentiation based on advance analytics. Sterlite Digital Analytics platform helps operators to mine relevant information from various network elements in real-time to anticipate, influence, and optimize customer experience. The Real time Digital Analytics ensures network cost optimization and revenue augmentation by analyzing Tariff plan design & performance analytics, Cell-level traffic profile, Campaign performance Analytics, Competitor & Market analytics etc.



Next generation integrated revenue and customer management solution enabling telecom billing and enhanced customer experience

With changing consumer lifestyles and needs for high speed internet access, interactive value added services, continuous evolution in networks such as 4G, LTE, FTTH, HFC, IMS, etc., and the pressure on CSPs to offer more personalized services such as Broadband, VoIP, Pay TV, Mobile TV, etc. have become mandatory to sustain stiff competition. Customers today prefer to purchase multiple services like voice, video, data, etc. from a single CSP and require these services to be invoiced in a single consolidated bill. Hence, CSPs are moving towards convergence to provide new varied services with one single point of contact with a single view of services subscribed by the customer.

Sterlite Tech offers a carrier-grade platform that enables next generation data, voice and video services over wireline and wireless networks. It delivers an end-to-end billing solution that acts as a competitive business driver for service providers to increase subscriber acquisition and profitability while preventing revenue leakage in a multi-technology, multi-service world.

Features :

  • Convergent platform;Sterlite Tech offers an end-to-end Next-generation BSS platform that supports interactive customer management, interlinked real time charging & policy management and smart convergent billing, across multiple networks such as fixed line, broadband, 3G, 4G/LTE, IMS, that supports Prepaid, Postpaid and Enterprise users. A Unified SOA based API facilitates integration with 3rd party applications and existing infrastructure. Centralized platform helps in managing subscriber account such as customer account, group account, single account, prepaid, post-paid and child account, while enabling service providers to offer Split and Combine Invoice to subscribers in different formats.
  • Convergent charging:3GPP 11 compliant, Online Charging System (OCS), is highly flexible, real-time, prepaid postpaid convergent rating & charging engine. Its integrated platform permits complex, value-added data, voice and video services to be launched rapidly accommodating a range of discounts, pricing plans and promotional offers. It has various offerings like real-time notifications, advice of charge, real time recharge, and real time quota & balance management.
  • Centralized data:The platform supports centralized data across all networks and key data entities such as customer, accounts, services, inventory, product etc.
  • Flexible & Centralized Product Catalog:The platform offers a dynamic, centralized product catalog to quickly create, launch & manage range of new innovative plans that support flexible pricing models and n-level product/service hierarchy.
  • Effective partner management & settlement:It offers complete, accuracy enhancement in revenue sharing and reconciliation and ensures greater transparency in crucial partnerships, where multiple partners with multiple disciplines co-exist.
  • PoS portals:Multiple Channel Partners / Franchisee / Resellers / Distributors can manage their own services, orders, vouchers or accounts with ease via a single, user friendly interface, ensuring reduced complexity in operations.
  • Multiple Payment modes:The platform supports both online & offline payments for multiple subscriber accounts, within the same or even different customer hierarchies, through a single window. Moreover, it allows flexible adjustment of disputed bills and partial payment for single or bunch of invoices. It also ensures easy integration with payment collection gateways, 3rd party financial system, IVR, SMS etc.
  • Enhance customer experience:Customer Care capability offers complete control over billing and customer care with a unified view of customer and service level data that can be plugged into other modules, to manage customer problems, monitor customer data records, categorize customers to offer various services.
  • Extensive reporting tool:The tool helps to organize, create, manage and deliver reports quickly over the web and can be integrated with any application that helps in designing and viewing reports. It enables users to filter information date-wise, month-wise, year-wise or based on the report filters.

Benefits :

  • Modernize and transform legacy platform:Billing enables operators to manage, entire subscriber relationship management through a single convergent Customer Care and Billing solution. It is a unified platform for prepaid-post-paid that offers a single bill to customers for multiple services. This leads to faster, accurate and more informed business decisions with an accessible view of business metrics.
  • Reduce Time to market for New Service enabling a wow experience to customers:Billing enables service providers to launch novel revenue generating packages quickly through flexible product catalog management. It enables operators to offer A-la-carte plans, complex bundled plans to create fine market segmentation, attracting and retaining high-value customers. It enables cross-selling and up-selling of services, cross-discount and promotions, generating greater usage resulting in higher Average Revenue per User (ARPU).
  • Reduce, ever increasing OPEX as a result of manual processes and siloed platforms:Billing system delivers cost-efficient scalability and enhanced system availability. It reduces operating expenses by automating system supervision and management through effective revenue settlement, complex partner management, user friendly web-based customer care, real-time revenue assurance and flexible transaction management.
  • Future-proof Solution:Billing offers high scalability and flexibility with full systemic revamps as well as modular replacements. Open APIs ensures extremely short and cost-effective deployments with the flexibility to accommodate future next generation services easily.
  • Prevents Revenue Leakage:Billing offers complete control over billing and customer care with a central repository of customer and service level data that can be plugged into other modules. It offers an easy interface with network elements, efficient content and channel partner management, preventing billing errors and revenue leakages.