Data Analytics Solution

In the era of Digital Business we need to be able to react quickly and adapt to the changes driven by the market.

Adobe Analytics enables marketers and analysts to tell the story of what’s happening
in their business with data by leveraging high-performance, real-time analytics across
online and offline marketing channels. Marketers can take advantage of the
information that flows through Adobe Analytics to continuously improve the
performance of digital marketing experiences.


Business challenges
Consumers are in the midst of a broad shift with how they engage with content, and consequently, how
they engage with business. They want to connect with content from one screen to another in a
continuous process, depending on where they are and what they’re doing. And they want to create and
interact quickly and effectively wherever they are.
Consumers are using more channels than ever to access products and services—social media, mobile
apps, offline engagement, and more—often switching channels within a single transaction, leaving
massive waves of digital data in their collective wake. Businesses must figure out how to best attract,
engage, and retain these customers in a world where the reach and quality of the experience directly
impacts success.
Marketers are asking themselves questions like:
• Who are our most profitable customers, and which channels are they using to research products, make
purchases, and resolve support issues?
• How can we make sense of all the data about our customers that’s stored in different places and use it
to deliver targeted content and offers?
• How can I see which of the different types of campaigns I’m running are driving revenue so that I can
optimize ad spend across all the channels?


The solution
You cannot effectively optimize your marketing efforts unless you are analyzing and reporting on those
efforts to make the right data-driven decisions. Guesswork doesn’t cut it anymore in marketing—
marketers must be able to determine what the business impact of their marketing efforts is.
Bringing together data from all online and offline channels is the only way to get a complete picture of
how customers are interacting with your company and why they may or may not be spending money
with you. Each measureable action that a customer or prospect takes while interacting with your brand
represents an opportunity to:
• Align digital-marketing initiatives with key business objectives
• Gain real-time insights into customer behavior across marketing channels
• Find hidden patterns and behaviors in large amounts of data
• Optimize ad spend to determine the best allocation of advertising budgets
• Leverage insights to deliver relevant online consumer experiences that drive conversion
Adobe Analytics is the industry-leading solution that delivers the analytics and reporting capabilities to
enable data-driven decision-making. It provides the insight critical to optimizing marketing efforts,
whether they’re used for delivering personalized experiences, driving better ad spend, or monetizing
content with the highest ad rates possible.


Adobe Analytics Overview

Key benefits of Adobe Analytics
Deepen customer understanding with real-time digital analytic measurement and reporting
• Quickly identify the most profitable paths through digital assets, determine where visitors are
navigating away, and identify critical success metrics for online marketing campaigns.
• Gain the deepest insights and most concise visitor segmentation available. Adobe Analytics
delivers a comprehensive, multidimensional view of digital visitors that enables marketers to
make accurate, timely, and insightful decisions and improve the performance of their business.
• Quickly analyze large volumes of rapidly evolving big data from multiple channels and data
sources in real time. Powerful visualizations make it easy for users to immediately infer meaning
to make timely, customer-focused decisions that improve overall business performance.
• Measure, analyze, and optimize integrated data from all online and offline initiatives across multiple
marketing channels in one place, from high-level trends down to data at its most granular level.
• Take advantage of a comprehensive set of ready-to-use reports that deliver critical insight for
improving online success.
Enhance decision-making
• Explore online data in ways that are the most relevant to business needs. Collect, automatically
process, and perform custom analyses and visualizations of Adobe Analytics data in Microsoft
Excel in exactly the layout desired.
• Accurately identify mobile visitors and their device capabilities to deliver the right experience.
• Track and measure owned social media to understand the impact and effectiveness of social campaigns.
• Gain critical customer insight with conversion reports showing detailed information on
metrics, customer loyalty, campaigns, visitor profiles, and more.
• Discover hidden trends and opportunities with the power of statistical correlations, audience
clustering, and visitor response scoring.
• Scale analysis with real-time processing of terabytes of data and analytics at the speed of thought.
Map results to key activities
• Configure customizable attribution models to track campaigns across channels, and add in
customer profitability data to measure the true effectiveness of a given campaign.
• Easily employ the power of machine learning to intelligently categorize individuals into distinct,
actionable personas, based on hundreds of metrics.
• Predict and target customers that are most likely to perform an action by employing visitor response